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Börkur (meaning tree bark) is originally a hooded sweater designed for men for outdoor activities, but with the shaping of the waist, you can easily modify it into a version that fits women. Börkur made of double Plötulop is really warm and yet very light, and it is also quick to knit with thick yarn. As with many Icelandic garments, the sleeves are knitted first, followed by the body, and finally the yoke ties everything together into a finished garment.

In the instructions, you can find options for hooded and hoodless sweaters. You can also knit its sleeves and cuffs in polka dots or solid colors. The yarn used in the picture is double Plötulopi, but you can just as easily use double Lettlop or Alafosslop instead. Just remember to adjust the knitting density according to the instructions. You will surely succeed with this model!

Now including a women's shirt version!

Nice knitting moments!


Plötulopi 100g/300m double and 80 cm circular needles 7 mm and double pointed needles 3.5 mm or depending on the pattern. More detailed materials can be found in the attached pictures.

Note the density of the instructions is 13 s / 10 cm, ensure the handwriting by knitting closed stockinette stitch. Note Be careful with the knitting density, because the difference of even a couple of stitches affects not only the width of the work but also e.g. to the height of the arch!

Verbal instructions, patterns shown as a diagram.

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