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The charming and clear patterns of Dóttir (daughter) Icelandic knit come into their own when knitted in one color. You can emphasize the pattern by choosing a shade that stands out from the base color, or create a more harmonious whole by choosing parallel shades - as long as there is enough contrast that the patterns stand out from the base.
With two colors, the patterned knit is easy to knit. When knitting the pattern color, you should use thread dominance, i.e. the background thread is held closer to the tip of the finger, in which case the pattern thread is taken over the base thread and thus the patterns stand out better from the base color.
Knitted from double Plötulop, Dóttir is not only fast, but also really warm and yet very light clothing for everyday use. Like many Icelandic clothes, the sleeves are knitted first, then the body, and finally the yoke joins everything together to form a finished garment. By omitting the waist narrowing, Dóttir also works very well as men's or boys' clothing. You will surely succeed with this model!


Plötulopi 100g/300m double and 80 cm circular needles 7 mm and double pointed needles 4.5 mm or depending on the pattern. More detailed materials can be found in the attached pictures.

Note the density of the instructions is 13 s / 10 cm, ensure the handwriting by knitting closed stockinette stitch. Note Be careful with the knitting density, because the difference of even a couple of stitches affects not only the width of the work but also e.g. to the height of the arch!


Verbal instructions, patterns shown as a diagram.

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